Metal & Mining Categories in Northwest Alaska

Aluminum  (0) commonly provides Aluminum and aluminum recyclers, sheet metal, aluminum fabrication, aluminum siding, aluminum home siding, aluminum commercial siding Aluminum Fabricators  (0) commonly provides Aluminum Fabricators and aluminum products, aluminum custom metal shaping, metals fabrication, aluminum punch press, roofs flashings Aluminum Products  (0) commonly provides Aluminum Products and aluminum siding, aluminum doors, aluminum pipes, aluminum finish moldings, aluminum decorative trim products Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Etc. Foundries  (0) commonly provides Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Etc. Foundries and metal casting, continuous casts, jbm casts, metal smiths Ball & Roller Bearings / Bushings  (0) commonly provides Ball and Roller Bearings/Bushings and automotive bearings / bushings, bearing / bushings brushes, mechanical bearings / bushings, car and truck ball roller bearings / bushings Barrels & Drums  (0) commonly provides Barrels and Drums and used wooden barrels and drums, used plastic barrels and drums, used steel barrels and drums, new wooden barrels and drums, new plastic barrels and drums, new steel barrels and drums Base Metals Smelters & Refiners  (0) commonly provides Base Metals Smelters and Refiners and base metals refining, base metals smelters, base metals smelters and refiners Bearings  (0) commonly provides Bearings and ball bearings, miniature ball bearings, ceramic bearings, engine bearings, rolling bearings Blacksmiths  (0) commonly provides Blacksmiths and wrought iron reproductions, decorative ironworks, colonial design, authentic reproductions, hammered steel, hammered metal, horseshoes, swords Bronze  (0) commonly provides Bronze and bronze sculptures, bronze fountains, bronze casting, bronze fittings Cables & Wires  (0) commonly provides Cables and Wires and video cables, audio cables, video wires, audio wires, cables and wires Coal & Coke Distributers  (0) commonly provides Coal and Coke Distributers and coal and coke distributors, coal and coke supply store, coal and coke production, mining coal and coke Coal & Coke Wholesale  (0) commonly provides Coal & Coke Wholesale and coal and coke brokers, wholesale coke and coal dealers, discount coke and coal, mining coal and coke wholesale, coal and coke wholesale Construction Fasteners  (0) commonly provides Construction Fasteners and metal fasteners, mechanical fasteners, door fasteners, plastic fasteners Copper  (0) commonly provides Copper and properties of copper, copper products, copper uses, copper cutters, copper pipes Die Cutting  (0) commonly provides Die Cutting and die cutting services, die cutting machines, die cutting accessories, die cutting systems Die Cutting Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Die Cutting Equipment and Supplies and die cutting parts and supplies, cutting systems equipment and supplies Expanded Metals  (0) commonly provides Expanded Metals and perforated metals, wire mesh, bar grating, metal tiles Fabrication  (0) commonly provides Fabrication and custom parts, remanufactured parts, metal fabrication, fiberglass fabrication, fabricators Flexible Metal Hose & Tubing  (0) commonly provides Flexible Metal Hose and Tubing and metals conduit, aluminum conduit, steel conduit, metallic hose and tubing, flexible metal hoses and tubings Gears & Gear Cutting  (0) commonly provides Gears and Gear Cutting and gears manufacturing, machine shops, custom gears, tooth grinding, differentials, gears and gear cutting Iron Work  (0) commonly provides Iron Work and custom iron work, black smith, ornamental iron work, antique iron restoration Lead  (0) commonly provides Lead and lead poisoning, lead smelter, lead hazards, lead uses, lead poisoning hotline, lead poison control Machine Shops  (0) commonly provides Machine Shops and parts fabrication shops, die cutting shops, molding services, forging services Mail Boxes Manufacturers & Distributers  (0) commonly provides Mail Boxes Manufacturers and Distributers and residential mail boxes manufacturers and distributors, custom mail boxes manufacturers and distributors, discount mail boxes manufacturers and distributors, service mailboxes manufacturers and distributors Manhole Covers  (0) commonly provides Manhole Covers and access covers, utility manhole covers, manhole manufacturer, cast iron manhole covers Metal Engravers  (0) commonly provides Metal Engravers and metal etching, metal sandblasting, metal logos engraving Metal Fabricators  (0) commonly provides Metal Fabricators and metal shops, metals machining, custom fabrication, sheet metal designers, roofs flashings Metal Finishers  (0) commonly provides Metal Finishers and metal polishing, metal plating, powder coating, plated electronic components Metal Forming Machinery  (0) commonly provides Metal Forming Machinery and industrial machinery, metal press, metal forging, metal lathes Metal Tubing  (0) commonly provides Metal Tubing and copper tubing, metals tubing, aluminum tubing, steel tubing, plumbers tubing, plumbing tubing Mining Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Mining Equipment and Supplies and gyro crushers, grinding mills, impact crushers, jaw crushers, mines equipment and supplies Molds  (0) commonly provides Molds and fungi, spores, indoor molds, ceramic molds, lead molding, molds removal, molds cleaning, die castings Nails & Tacks  (0) commonly provides Nails and Tacks and galvanized nails, trunk nails, steel tacks, brass tacks, nails and tacks, contractors equipment and supplies Ornamental Metal Work  (0) commonly provides Ornamental Metal Work and wrought iron, ornamental fencing, custom ornamental iron work, metal smiting Piling  (0) commonly provides Piling and piling products, piling equipment, piling specialists, foundation work Pipe  (0) commonly provides Pipe and copper pipe, metal pipe, pvc pipe, plastic pipe Pipe Bending & Fabrication  (0) commonly provides Pipe Bending & Fabrication and custom pipe bending, pipe bending machines, pipes fabrications, pipes welding, pipe bending and fabrication Pipe Cutting & Threading  (0) commonly provides Pipe Cutting & Threading and pipes cutting tools, pipes threading tools, pipes cutting kits, pipes threading kits, plumbers services, plumbing services Pipe Fittings  (0) commonly provides Pipe Fittings and pipes products, pipes and hose fittings, plastic pipes fittings, copper pipes fittings, plumbers supplies, plumbing supplies Pipe Hangers  (0) commonly provides Pipe Hangers and building services, pipes mounting equipment, mounted pipes, pipe hanging Pipe Lining & Coating  (0) commonly provides Pipe Lining and Coating and pipe protection, pipe lining and coating, plumbers services, plumbing services Plating  (0) commonly provides Plating and plating kits, plating service, chrome plating, gold plating, powder coating Precious Metals Smelters & Refiners  (0) commonly provides Precious Metals Smelters and Refiners and reclaim precious metals, recycle precious metals, assay nugget, gold smelters, silver smelters Protective Coatings  (0) commonly provides Protective Coatings and powder coatings, industrial coatings, teflon coatings Recycling Centers  (0) commonly provides Recycling Centers and aluminum cans recycling, glasses recycling, plastics recycling, papers recycling, recycled papers centers, recycling computers centers, rubber recycling centers, metals recycling centers, tires recycling centers, junk cars, junk trucks Refractory Materials  (0) commonly provides Refractory Materials and iron, steel, copper, aluminum Scrap Metals  (0) commonly provides Scrap Metals and metal recycle, sell scrap metal, scrap metal buyers, automobile recycling Sheet Metal Fabricators  (0) commonly provides Sheet Metal Fabricators and sheet metal products, sheet metals fabrication, metal manufacturing, furnace fabricators, roofs flashings Sheet Metal Work  (0) commonly provides Sheet Metal Work and sheet metals presses, sheet metal punches, sheet metal welding, sheet metal plating, ducts work Sheet Metal Working Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Sheet Metal Working Equipment and Supplies and sheet metal machines and supplies, sheet metals hand tools and supplies, metals casting Shopping Carts & Baskets  (0) commonly provides Shopping Carts and Baskets and online shopping carts, grocery carts, grocery stores carts and baskets Slings  (0) commonly provides Slings and arm slings, sling wrap, baby slings, lifting slings Stainless Steel  (0) commonly provides Stainless Steel and stainless equipment, stainless steel kitchen equipment, stainless steel bowls, stainless steel countertops, stainless steel sinks Steel Distributors & Warehouses  (0) commonly provides Steel Distributors and Warehouses and steel suppliers and warehouses, steel companies and warehouses, metal products and warehouses Steel Fabricators  (0) commonly provides Steel Fabricators and steel machining, steel molding, steel fabrication, precision sheet metal, roofs flashings Steel Foundries  (0) commonly provides Steel Foundries and steel mill, steel castings, metals machining, steel smelting Tube Fitting  (0) commonly provides Tube Fitting and tubes fittings, pipes connectors, pipes elbows, tubing joiners, plumbers, plumbing tube fittings Used Steel  (0) commonly provides Used Steel and scrap metal, recycled steel, crushed steel Wholesale & Manufacture Bits  (0) commonly provides Wholesale and Manufacture Bits and wholesale drill bits, wholesale router bits, wholesale auger bits, wholesale rock drill bits Wholesale Springs - Coil, Flat, Etc. - & Manufacturers  (0) commonly provides Wholesale Springs - Coil, Flat, Etc. - and Manufacturers and discount coil springs and manufacturers, wholesale coil springs and manufacturers, wholesale flat springs and manufacturers, automobile springs and manufacturers, trucks springs and manufacturers, garage doors springs and manufacturers Wholesale Valves & Manufacturers  (0) commonly provides Wholesale Valves and Manufacturers and whole sale valves and manufacturers, discount valves amd manufacturers, valve companies, valves supplies and manufacturers Wire  (0) commonly provides Wire and wire products, cable wire, wire dealers, wires manufacturers Wire Rope & Wire Cables  (0) commonly provides Wire Rope & Wire Cables and carbon steel lines, steel rigging, tuf grip, galvanized strands, serial cables, cables and wires innovations, computer cables, commercial wires, slings, structural stand, steel rigging